Validation Services

We focus on the essential elements of the resourcing process – VALIDATION! As the Employer, do you believe you are TRULY receiving value from the 15%, 17.5% or even 20% “comprehensive” placement fees you are presently being charged?” If your answer is “no” or “I’m not sure” the thorough process we follow in our Validation Service will be of utmost interest to you. We assist you to Validate the ROI on your Selection.


  • The methodology and fee structure sets the stage for heightened professionalism within the essential parts of the resourcing process.
  • Detailed and far more focused resourcing process due to the financial commitment from the client translating into greater accuracy and a reduction in time to hire.
  • Places the employer in a better position to measure the quality of service.
  • Takes the hassle out of managing many different agencies that all require briefing from the client.
  • Reduces the time involved in sifting through masses of unsuitable CVs received.
  • The employer has more control over the recruitment process and timeline.
  • Positively affects retention due to the quality of the process.
  • Significantly reduced cost.


  • Nicolene Di Bartolo has been awarded Recruitment Agency of the Year for 2013 (Times Media Annual Recruitment Awards – 16 November 2013)
  • Our team is experienced and leadership is hands-on.
  • Nicolene Di Bartolo offers an excellent track record relating to placement and retention.
  • Nicolene Di Bartolo has been providing quality services since 1999 to employers of choice nationally and into Africa.
  • We typically manage only 3-5 projects of this nature at any given time which translates into a highly refined and focused service.
  • In instances where we have commitment from the client we enjoy a mutually beneficial 95% success rate.
  • Throughout Nicolene Di Bartolo’s history we have never been requested to replace a candidate during the guarantee period for incompetence which reflects the quality candidates we present.
  • The quality of our selection and validation service is unrivaled.
  • Daily interaction.
  • We value your return business – we deliver.